Yeah Write Microstory #202 – Darkness Calling

Three voices,
They wouldn’t listen.
‘Sticks and stones’ they said,
They were wrong.

Two close calls,
Left an overwhelming question,
Why am I here?

One answer,
No reason at all.

So with little to lose.
He flicked off the light.


Wordle #49 – Paper Tiger


A cool draught of words,
Harsh enough to curdle milk,
But leaving only a twinge of doubt,
To subtly stir the pot,
A bowl of plans, lies and deception.


It forged a partition,

To me:
A protection,
Far from any form of altruism.

For her:
A paper tiger,
She saw right through.

My last was of her visage,
Burning slowly away,
Leaving only a defunct,
And broken heart.


I’m trying another newly found writing challenge! 🙂 The lovely Rose Ketring introduced me to this one, you should go check out her gorgeous writing! It’s from Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie, another awesome writing blog, the prompt: Wordlethe words in bold are my choices of twelve I had to use in my poem or story 🙂

Far out, thisone took a definite sad and rather depressing turn. This seems to happen to me a lot…

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Chimera 66 #6 – Common Sense

You all know the fairy-tale…

Of the witch hell bent on revenge.

She casts a curse,

So that the princess will prick her finger on a spinning wheel,

And fall into a deep sleep,

Until the handsome prince will come to wake her with true loves first kiss.

The damn princess could have had a choice in her first love if only she’d worn a thimble.


Yay! I found a new writing community! I’m really excited for this! 🙂 My prompt interpretation may not be seen as normal though…