It’s best to start at the end of the world.

Among the rubble and ice and fire,
Cities are crushed and children lay curled.

It’s best to start at the end of the world,
Where from ashes a Phoenix rises unfurled,
To nourish the land and people inspire.

It’s best to start at the end of the world,
Among the rubble, and ice, and fire.


Trying an unfamiliar form for this one, the Troilet, suggested by Yeah Write’s Poetry Slam. So I’m not 100% sure if I got it right but I’m happy with it, somewhat. It was difficult to work with but rather enjoyable all the same 🙂

Last Night… I Think?

My night?
Oh wouldn’t you like to know?
In truth,
I’d like to know too…

I woke with my brain outside of my head,
With my hair in a deluge of knots;
My vision the quality of early TV,
With all the wrong colours and dots.

A bruise in the shape of Australia,
Tasmania included there too;
My legs the consistency of unset jelly,
That’s how I found the tattoo.

To be honest it’s all a bit of a blur,
There’s nothing in here that makes sense;
My friends are all saying that they feel the same,
How did we get into this mess?

But then they walk in,
The only smart thinker;
All smiley and loud,
Our one proud non-drinker.

“You couldn’t be stopped!
I did try n’ tell ya’…
But nothing could be done,
Once you’d brought out Tequila!”