There are storm clouds overhead
Residing in my head


One day maybe they’ll let me rest
They try their best
Too not

When will they let me sleep?
Let me dream?

Storm clouds
In my head


Let me dream


Writing Prompt #120 – Soul in a Locket


All free from Google (Sam added the text to image 1)

How shall I use these broken wings
When to fix them
I must pluck the feathers from another’s back

I cannot bring a second here
To be beat and broken too

But as time ebbs on
My mask will fall
I’ll need a little help

I’ll let someone in
Past my façade
My lies and smiles

All to gain a way
To find myself
A cure

An elixir
For normality

To not need to wait
With baited breath
Heart thudding painfully in my chest

For a steady hand
The driest palm
To loose that sense of doubt

We’d chip away the layers
Let the casing fall away

Leaving a renewed
And confident


This ones been mulling around in my drafts for a while, it didn’t feel quite right until now. I read loved this prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie 🙂