Wordle #147 – Flashover


Latch the door
My friend
Your heart
It will be mine

Let me take you in my arms
And hold you tight

Your simple iridescence
Enchants me
Heart and soul


Follow my lead now
Take one step back
Forward the next

Let passion lead the way
Inseperable we spin
To make our own ballet

Legs, arms, chests
We move as one
Our perfect harmony

Relieve yourself of fear
Leave the media behind
It’s just us now

We levitate, and
Through heat and heart
It carries us away


Written for this weeks Wordle on MindLoveMisery’s Menagery! I really loved the words this week 🙂 This one is for my favourite fictional couple at the moment, Magnus and Alec from the show Shadowhunters.

Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille – Choice

The truth itself
Sits within the lie
Snugly waiting.


Is it still a lie?

They know not you keep it
Save, warm, hidden.
Even you don’t know
Not yet.

You’re lying to yourself?

Safe, warm, hidden
This helps none.

Not even you
And your secluded self
Your locked up heart.

Is it still a lie?

Or protecting?
Saving self
Or saving them?

So, now my dear friend
Speak your truths or spill your lies?
Waiting, all my heart


Written for this weeks Haiku prompt over at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie 🙂 This week it is a Haibun: prose mixed with Haiku. My prose turned out more in the rhythms of poetry…but I am happy with it all the same

Infinity Train

There’s something so beautiful
About fictional worlds.

Hours could pass
And you’d never know.
Caught up in lives
Which aren’t your own.

They embrace you,
Encase you,
Then reel you in,
So to capture your heart and soul.

Toying with your mind,
Baiting your senses,
Leaving you wanting more.

So close,
Yet so far.

It’s never quite enough
But somehow you feel content.

A whirlpool of foreign emotions;
You don’t think you should feel them
That you could feel them
But you do.

A plethora of stories.

A never ending source of love
Of comfort
Of hope
Because if they can keep going
You can do so too.

You follow their journeys
Join in them
Leave your reality behind.

It’s the simplest protection
Your very own save haven
And no one need know you’re there.


Tell me of a love so deep
He ran the rivers dry
Waiting just to see him
He over spent his time
Not knowing just how
Out of reach he really was

Tell me of the whispered word
Slow passing down the line
Of how without intention
He keeps him bottled
While he waited to see
But never knew his faults

Tell me how he heard
The news of what he did
Such pain
Amongst the longing
Not sure how he could cope

So now

Tell me the story
About how the Sun
Loved the Moon so much
He died every night
To let him breath

Tell me of the burning heat
Which only burns for him
To just relinquish its hold
When the time is right
And let him have his spell
A spot to cool the world

Tell me how he felt
Once he knew he could see him
If only just this once
A single moment
Burning bright meets shadow


Wordle #79 – Why so Blue?


You sit on the embankment
Eyes of blue stare out
Waiting for your cynosure

Grains of sand
In their rough caress
They rub your fingers raw

Your every sinew
Longs for a caring touch

But none prevails

Not from the cold ocean wind, nor
From the lady of the pelagic

A desire so organic
It’s left you rejected

A once shining spoon, now
Rusting on the waters edge

Much worse than salt in the wound.


Loved the words for this weeks Wordle from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie! We are given twelve words and are asked to use 10 of them in a poem or story. I’ve bolded the ones I used, and ended up using them all this week 🙂