Heeding Haiku with Chèvrefeuille – Choice

The truth itself
Sits within the lie
Snugly waiting.


Is it still a lie?

They know not you keep it
Save, warm, hidden.
Even you don’t know
Not yet.

You’re lying to yourself?

Safe, warm, hidden
This helps none.

Not even you
And your secluded self
Your locked up heart.

Is it still a lie?

Or protecting?
Saving self
Or saving them?

So, now my dear friend
Speak your truths or spill your lies?
Waiting, all my heart


Written for this weeks Haiku prompt over at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie 🙂 This week it is a Haibun: prose mixed with Haiku. My prose turned out more in the rhythms of poetry…but I am happy with it all the same

Flash Friday (Saturday) – Void


Follow me

The angel whispered
Luring me in with his song

I’ll guide you over
You don’t need them
They can’t help you any more

So follow me
I’ll grant you safe passage
There’s no way you can go wrong

His voice it was smooth
Like fine royal silks
His eyes
Morning’s new blue sky

His lips
They drew me in
Tempted me
Enticed me

Led me to believe a lie

All his promises
His voice of gods
His eyes of blue
His lips of purest red

All a lie

My eyes deceived me
Showed me what I wanted

But the truth?

Dark as the night
Cruel as lashes

I did follow him
And now it’s too late

I turned back though
Just for one moment

Nothing left of before
Nothing onwards either

Just deafening silence
And empty darkness
Without even those lie baring lips

The ones which had spoken
Under many false pretences

Just to bring me in


I didn’t finish this one in time to enter it but I thought I’d share anyway! Thanks for reading,
Anna x